Sabtu, 17 Maret 2012

Home Business

No two words have ever inspired so much dreaming, inspiration, soul searching or even terror in the last few years.

In every Sunday's local business section I always look at the new DBA's for people starting a new business. I also look at the business discontinuances for people ending them. As you may guess, especially since the beginning of the year the new DBA's have increased from one or two columns to three or four. Then I smile. And guess what? The discontinuances have shrunk to about a half column. Good for those of us- both men and women who've had the courage and determination to strike out on their own and did not wait for the hammer to fall. Maybe some just said "I'm mad as hell and not going to take it anymore!"

The rules have changed folks, and working for a company that will sustain you your whole working life and provide for your retirement are gone - just like drive-in movies, three or four TV channels instead of a thousand, sub $2.00 a gallon gas and your parents getting home from work and asking how your day went.

In the same local business section I also look at the market indicators and the jobs report. Now, I have no idea where the government came up with that "magic" 400,000 number for jobs. I'd set it at at least a million or two to indicate the real number of unemployed people and the number who just stopped looking for a job. I'd also set another number for people that feel they are under-employed or believe they got a new job that is at least on par with the one they lost.

Personally, I've found life is way too short to go through all the what ifs and just the constant stress of a "normal job", not to mention the commute. I can tell you that every person I talk to that has a home business is much happier than when they had a "normal job".

There are too many benefits of working at home than I'll list here, not the least of which is having more family time, tax benefits and less stress. I mean the way I look at it is all you have to do is be able to put money in your bank account to support you and your family right? There's nothing I've ever found that strictly specifies HOW you have to do this.

* Did you know that in 1862 the first income tax was put into place to support the Civil War and it was eliminated in 1872? In 1895, the Supreme Court decided that income tax was unconstitutional. In 1913, the 16th amendment was added to the constitution making income tax permanent in the U.S. tax system.

In the last two years, a certain number of people that were in the middle class are now listed as living in poverty. I can't see income tax going away anytime soon so why not consider starting your own home business? Make it easier to put money in your bank account, pay your taxes and be able to spend more time with your family.

A home business isn't complicated. Just like your marriage - it's dedication, determination and devotion.

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